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रुपान्तरण नेपाल र रुकुमेलि समाज बिकास केन्द्रको साझेदारिमा सन्चालित बहुसरोकारवाला बन कार्यक्रमबाट १५ दिने धागो बुनाइ तालिम सम्पन्न भयेको छ ।

Posted by Rukumeli Social Development Center - RSDC on Thursday, February 4, 2016

सन्चालित बहुसरोकारवाला

The organization was founded by key people of the districts engaged in social services. These groups of people were very much aware on poverty issues of mid-western development region.   They took leadership of establishing the RSDC to address issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and inequity leading to marginalization of certain

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