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Important Snapshot

Title: Suaahara, Good Nutrition Project

Donor: USAID/ Save the Children

Period: 1st May 2015 to 29 February 2016

District/VDC: Rukum

VDCs: All

Major theme/ activities:

  • Organize 5 days MIYCN  inclduing Suaahara components FCHVs and key non-health sector staff (CLT)
  • Organzie 1 days ward level interaction with 1000 days months and key family members mothers’ /decision makers
  • Celebrate nutrition related days such as Breastfeeding Week, Iodine Month, School Health and Nutrition Week, Egg Day, FCHV Day at district and VDC level with a focus on interacting with 1,000 days women and family members to promote the day-specific behavior.
  • Organize food demonstration sessions including Citizen Awarness Centers (CACs), health mother’s groups (HMGs) and homestead food production (HFP) group members using locally available foods and also ensure male engagement during these sessions. (25% VDCs)

Title: Livelihood and Nutrition Project (LNP)

Donor: Save the Children International

Period: Jan 2013 to Dec  2015

District/VDC: Rukum

VDCs: Rungha, Bhalakcha, Syalapakh, Pipal, Banphikot, Magma, Duli, Aathbiskot, Aathbisdandagaun, and Jhula

Major theme/ activities:

Improved infant and young child feeding behaviors

  • Nutrition education session conduction.
  • Demonstration of foods from locally available resources/materials.
  • School kitchen gardening.
  • Home kitchen gardening.

Strengthened agricultural service providers and market outlets and linked with government agencies and the private sector.

  • Support to link agriculture products to markets
  • Capacity building agriculture value chain actor
  • Coordination and networking with District Education Office, District Health Office, District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) and private sector

Improved delivery of nutrition service on growth monitoring and counseling at community.

  • Growth monitoring of children and infants.
  • Referral support to malnutrition affected children to rehabilitation centre at Neplagunj.
  • Logistic support to DHO for growth monitoring.

Improved group’s capacity on saving credit, leadership and governance.

  • Group formation, registration, conduction of training account keeping training, group leadership traing ext to group and cooperative members.

Increased level of household income through creation of micro-enterprises and vocational skill.

  • Conduction of carpentry and tailoring trainings.

Prioritized the concerns of children and youths in local level policy and programmes enabling their access on budget and other resources.

Title: Multi stakeholder forestry Program (MSFP)

Donor: Rupantaran Nepal

Period: Jul 2014 to August 2016

District/VDC: Rukum


Bhalakcha, Muru, Rungha,Khara, Chhibang, Garayala ,peugha,Nuwakot,Kholagaun,Simlee  and Purtimkanda

Major theme/ activities:

Outcome 2: Private Sector increase investment and jobs in the forestry sector

  • Skill development trainings conduction such as MADAL making and furniture
  • Capacity building on enterprise selection and establishment
  • Entrepreneurship development training
  • Support to prepare business plan

Outcome 3: Rural Communities -Especially Poor, Disadvantaged and Climate Vulnerable People and Households-Benefit from Local Forest Management and Other Investments

  • Forest Survey and Inventory of growing stock
  • Community Forestry Operational Plan (OP)revision,
  • Strengthen capacity of Agriculture Forestry Coordination Committee on forestry and climate change adaption ,
  • Forest Management,

Title: Income Generation for Deprived Group (IGDP)

Donor:Poverty Alleviation Fund(PAF)

Period: 2066 to Till now ( long term)

District/VDC: Rukum

VDCs: Rungha, Simli, Kotjahari, Bijayashwari and Hukam


Bhalakcha, Muru, Rungha,Khara, Chhibang, Garayala ,peugha,Nuwakot,Kholagaun,Simlee  and Purtimkanda

Major theme/ activities:

Social mobilization:  VDC level Orientation, Ward level Orientation, group formation, capacity building and mobilization

Income generation program: bee keeping, goat raising, buffalo, seasonal and off seasonal vegetable cultivation

Infrastructure development support:

Water supply. Irrigation, primary school building,  suspension bridge and as demand/needs of Communities

Capacity building:

  • capacity building on group management, record keeping, leadership, Logistic Support
  • Proposal preparation: public audits etc
  • Starting Improvement SIYB (TOPE) training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Mobilization on sanitation  as ODF activities

Title: Sustainable Sanitation for All

Donor: SNV Nepal

Period: 1st September 2014 to September 2018

District/VDC: Rukum

VDCs: Khalanga, Hukam, Takasera ,chhibang,kanda simlee,  Kol and Kankri

Major theme/ activities:

Sanitation Supply Chain Development

  • capacity building on group management, record keeping, leadership, Logistic Support
  • Proposal preparation: public audits etc
  • Conduct mason trainings, with documentation of training – 16 masons trained

BCC- Behavioral change Communication and Post ODF activities

  • Develop district BCC strategy (based on findings provided by SNV on formative research) and facilitate process of endorsement by district stakeholders
  • Design and implement BCC campaigns for district level awareness
  • Develop hygiene promotion IEC materials
  • Provide TOT (3 days) on BCC, with documentation of training, at District level-20 trainers trained
  • Conduct Training of facilitators as local resource people for BCC, with documentation of training – 15 facilitators trained
  • Conduct BCC activities, in the post-triggering phase of SDC, in the VDC (household level, schools, institutions, public places) through local media, street drama, door to door etc.
  • Monitor impact of BCC activities by assessing the number of people that are reached and number of people that are changing practices/behaviours

Title: Rural Water Drinking and Sanitation Program

Donor: Fund Board

Period: 28 February 2015 to 15 December 2015

District/VDC: 2

Major theme/ activities:

Water Drinking Sanitation & Physical Infrastructure

Title: Local Governance and Community Development- LGCDP

Donor: DDC, Rukum

Period: 27 January 2015 to 31 December 2015

District/VDC: 10

Major theme/ activities:

1.Democracy and Good Governance

2.Social Empowerment

3. Livelihood.

सुहारा कार्येक्रमका फोटोहरु

पोसीलो जाउलो प्रदशनी
स्वास्थ्य आमा समुहको छलफल
गाविस स्तरिए अभीमुखीकरण
SATH सम्बन्धी नक्साकन
पूर्ण खोपयुक्त गाविस घोषणा कार्येक्रम
१000 दिनका आमाहरुलाई बिउ बितरण
विद्यालयलाई सरसफाइ सामाग्री हस्तान्तरण
जीवनका महतोपूर्ण अबसरहरु

कृषि स्वास्थ्य तथा बैकल्पित जि वि को पार्जन प्रबन्दन कर्यक्रम अन्तर्गतका केही तस्बिर हरु


Rukumeli Social Development Center,Rukum